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Non-Invasive Therapy

Always Available Respiratory Therapists

Our focus is helping you to “breathe easier” while living a more active life. You will receive excellent care and education from our respiratory therapists who pride themselves in efficiently and effectively taking care of your needs.
Oxygen therapy can be done in a hospital, another medical facility, or at home. If you need oxygen therapy for a chronic (ongoing) disease or condition, your physician may prescribe home oxygen therapy.
MHM provides oxygen therapy as a respiratory service. The home model concentrator may be prescribed with or without sleep therapy, depending on the patient’s diagnosis. Our respiratory therapists and delivery technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to deliver in-home equipment or to address concerns and issues of patients and family members.
We specialize in “Non-Invasive Ventilation” (NIV) known to lessen the effort required to breathe. If you require a lot of effort to breathe, using NIV may allow you a period of easier breathing by taking the workload off your respiratory muscles.
NIV is typically recommended to be used during sleep and while awake to reduce risk of exacerbations and hospitalizations. Working alongside of your physician .our respiratory therapists will determine the appropriate settings and properly fit you with a comfortable mask. Our experience in helping patients become acclimated to their equipment is second to none, encouraging daily use to optimize patients’ outcome.